Websites and branding especially for interior designers



You have just booked a new website project with me. There are a few things I need from you before our first session together. I have created this page to walk you through it, step-by-step.


1 | SCHEDULE OUR FIRST SESSION. Use this link: Please choose a date on or later than the start date listed in the proposal I sent you. Even if this date is a ways off, let’s get something on the calendar now; we can always reschedule later if needed.

2 | SEND ME PHOTOS OF YOUR WORK. Gather photos of your work into a dropbox folder (format: jpg in the highest resolution possible). Here is a video I created which walks you through how to do this:


Create subfolders for each project, by project name. Within each project folder, create two subfolders: 1) Finished photos, 2) Behind the scenes photos (before shots, during shots, sketches, renderings, mood boards, photos of yourself in the space, etc) These behind the scenes shots can add lots of depth to each project. See this page as an example: Also, in the dropbox, create a folder for any photos you you (headshots, portraits, etc). If you have questions about how to send me photos via dropbox, let me know and I'll help you.

3 | ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS. Click here for a list of about 30 questions, which are meant to help clarify how we will present you to the world.

4 | MAKE A LIST OF TRAITS. Start thinking about what you might like your new website to look and feel like. Go through the websites in my portfolio and any other websites. Create a list of website traits you particularly like. We will discuss these traits during our first session together. List as many or as few as you wish. Note that if nothing comes to mind, that's ok too.

5 | EMAIL ME YOUR BIO. Don’t worry about how current it is. The main point is to help me understand more about you. If you don't have a bio, that's ok. We can create one together during the project. Also, feel free to send any other document/material that may help me understand you as a designer and a person. This may include writings you’ve published or even writings you’ve done just for yourself.

6 | GATHER TESTIMONIALS. Send testimonials from your previous clients in a single document such a Microsoft Word document or any other simple text document.

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