Websites and branding especially for interior designers

Strategy & Consulting

I can help you flexibly with a variety of website and copywriting needs at a simple hourly rate.


Some things I can help you with

  • Website review

  • Choosing a website platform

  • Copywriting

  • Squarespace custom coding

  • General strategy

How it works

Once you purchase hours, we will begin with a strategy session by phone as needed to plan your project. Then I will complete the design work as needed. I will document the time used and summarize the work completed on a shared Trello board dedicated to our project. This way you can see how much time has been used and how much time remains. Of course, you can always purchase additional hours as needed. Once the project is finished, any unused time is saved for future use, good for up to 1 year from purchase date. The first step is to email me about your project.

1 hour: $206
5 horus: $824

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