Are we a good fit to work together?

1. Are you up for participating in a collaborative process? While I will do the heavy lifting throughout, you should be generally able and willing to engage in some details throughout the project.

2. Are you committed to creating a professional brand identity? An effective website needs effective imagery and logo. You should have and be willing invest in professional photography (both images of your work as well as images of yourself, as needed). I ask to view images of work before committing to a project.

3. Are you looking for a clean and editing looking website? Great. Clean and editing looking websites are my specialty. See my portfolio for examples.

4. Are you generally comfortable using a computer? You don’t need to be a computer wiz, but you will need to communicate by email and send me photos of your work.

5. Are you ok with working together by phone? Much of our collaboration together will be by phone.

Note that if you are not able to collaborate as described above but would still like to hire me, it may be possible for me to work with your assistant or someone from your team.